Monday, June 10, 2013

Standing on the Edge

We have not had an easy week. 

Mom broke her hip.


We got a chance to take J out for his birthday before she fell.

Time is now measured in B.F. and A.F. - before the fall and after the fall.

A couple of J's best buddies joined us and we had a very. fun. time.  These guys entertained us throughout dinner as the chef prepared our meal. Mom smiled the whole night. She and my dad love being part of things, especially with all the younger people around. I love the way our lives have turned out.

I love the mix of generations.

I love that my children have grown up with their grandparents as important members of our family.

Especially now.

K was the one who found Mom. She called me and then 911 and stayed with Mom, keeping her calm and soothing her.

Mom told everyone in the hospital how her granddaughter, who worked on the ambulance for four years, helped her when she needed help. She and K have a special bond now.

Good for Mom.

Good for K.


Both J and K have been visiting Mom, making her laugh and keeping her spirits up. J's friend (in the photo above) went to see her one night with J. She was the envy of the unit with two handsome young men visiting her. 

When the Man and I go to see her, we tell her we miss her, and the house is empty without her, and that Jack wanders around the house looking for her. He finally settles with a harrumph outside her bedroom door, waiting for her. He doesn't know what to do with himself. She misses him. He misses her. 

Plus, he has lost his meal ticket. Mom leaves him a small bowl of cereal in the morning when she has breakfast. And gives him part of her dinner, always making sure she saves a small piece of something for him.

He will probably lose some weight while she's at rehab.
Mom was on her way to the West Coast to see one of her granddaughters graduate from high school.

She was all packed and ready for her trip, waiting for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law to come and pick her up.

Standing at the bed, she started to turn around and went down. She remembered later that she yelled NO! NO! NO! all the way down. I knew the hip was broken as soon as I saw the angle of her leg. 


Mom kept her sense of humor while she was in the E.R.

Every doctor or nurse that came in was told, "I have a flight to catch in about three hours so work fast."

I think there was a little part of her that was serious.


One morning she told us about the very handsome young doctor that came in to see her. She talked about him several times and then he showed up again.

As soon as she saw him, she pointed at him and said, "There he is! There's the handsome doctor!"

He blushed.

She put her hands up to her face and giggled.
Gosh, I love this woman.

I want to be just like her when I grow up.


I call the photo above, "Standing on the Edge."

That's what my life feels like right now.


  1. Cheryl--I am SO sorry to hear about your mother-in law, but it sounds like she has a good attitude and outlook and she should rehab well because she is motivated to improve. She (as well as you) are in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Oh, Cheryl! So much love to you all. I'll have you in heart and prayers tonight. ♥

  3. Thank you, G and Val. Your prayers are much desired!

  4. 'Thinking of you all and hoping things are better now. One of my great-aunts fell and broke a hip in mid-June and is coming home today. Love and healing to you all, as well. ♥