Friday, November 17, 2017

Shenanigans, or the Great Flying Coffee Debacle

Good golly, what a day.

It was full of shenanigans.

We had an early morning staff meeting so I had to get to the library much earlier than I normally do. On staff meeting days, I'm the first one in. I open up all the workstations, record the daily statistics, turn on the coffee makers, copiers, etc. 

People start trickling in, gathering in the workroom and chatting for a few minutes, gradually working their way down to the meeting room. We have one staff member, Miss P, who is almost always late and is usually the last person to get to the meeting. It's a running joke and we love to tease her about being late all the time.

So I came out of the workroom to head down the hallway and I saw Miss P a few steps ahead of me.

"Hey! Where are you going?" I asked, to slow her down.

"To the meeting,' she replied, giving me a funny look.

"Well, you're not beating me to the meeting!" I said, and took off running so I could beat her to the meeting room. She saw me start to run and she started to run, determined to get to the meeting room first. 

I don't know how it happened.

One minute I'm running fast, getting ready to pass her and the next minute, I'm airborne, splayed out like a flying squirrel. My coffee went up in the air then crashed down, lid popping off and liquid spraying everywhere. 

I was spread out on the floor and sliding along the carpet. I slid about five feet before coming to a stop. Miss P squawked and ran to help me. I slowly got up and gathered my papers. Then we both went and got lots of paper towels to absorb the coffee.

By the end of the staff meeting, I was starting to feel sore. I had a large rug burn on my left elbow and a very large rug burn on my right knee. And my left knee wasn't feeling so hot either.

Oy vey. No more shenanigans. 

But I think I beat Miss P when I slid past her for a moment.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Messing with Nan's Stuffing

I'm cozied up in my thick fleece robe, planning Thanksgiving weekend.

We are going to my sister's house for dinner and I have to bring a few dishes. Oyster stuffing. Sweet potato casserole. Dessert.

Easy peasy.

But we won't have any leftovers at home so I'm going to cook a Thanksgiving meal for us on Friday. Nan's stuffing. Homemade cranberry relish. Turnip. Gravy.

All of my favorites. All recipes from my Nan and my mom.

I got home from work today and the Man was sitting at the table, doing the daily Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper. We chatted about each other's day and started puttering around, getting dinner pulled together.

He asked me about making oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving and I told him we were responsible for bringing that to my sister's house. He happily offered to make it and then told me he had been talking to a co-worker about Thanksgiving foods.

"Joe says that they put fresh cranberries in their stuffing and it's very good," the Man said. I was cutting tomatoes and getting the baked beans ready to be warmed up so I wasn't really listening to him. Until I heard the word "stuffing".

"What?" I asked him. "What did you say about stuffing?" And he repeated the cranberry nonsense. Cranberries in Nan's stuffing? I don't think so.

And I told him as much.  I gave him the stink eye and I reminded him of the year my sister and I got sucked into trying a chestnut stuffing at Williams Sonoma and bought bags of it to replace Nan's stuffing.

There is no replacing Nan's stuffing.

The Williams Sonoma stuffing was not very good and everyone was fairly cranky with us for trying something different.

"Oh, right, " the Man said. "We'll leave Nan's stuffing alone. You don't want to mess with that."

No, you don't.
Pumpkin graveyard.

So many pumpkins.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Sneaky Swan

I spent yesterday afternoon with my new zoom lens. I found a quiet pond in a neighboring town with lots of Canadian geese and a lovely swan.

The swan was huge and moved so slowly and gracefully with the geese.

As I was looking through the lens, I noticed that the swan had lots of puckering around its midsection. Kind of like an inflatable tube.

Yup. I was looking at, and taking pictures of, an inflatable toy.
I found out from a google search that you can use an inflatable swan to deter Canadian geese. Apparently swans are known to defend their territory and will keep geese away.

I don't think anyone told the geese this. There were plenty of them swimming with the swan.
This guy stayed on land and away from all the geese-swimming-with-swan shenanigans.

He must be a rule follower.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Carriage Driving

Random heart.

I was shopping today and looked down in the parking lot to see this pretty little pink heart. What did we do before cell phone cameras?

I was out with a girlfriend on Saturday and we stopped in at T.J. Maxx to do some early Christmas shopping. I don't know about anyone else's T.J. Maxx but the stores near us usually have {very} long lines on Saturdays. There can be 25-30 people waiting in line at any given point. Last Saturday was no different. Tons of people around and we all got in line at the same time.

So we got in line and waited and waited and waited. Too many shoppers and not enough cashiers. Typical of today's retail stores. When we finally got up to the front of the line, the next register that opened was the very last one.

All the way down at the other end of the line.

As far away from me as possible. Ugh.

It was like running a gauntlet to get to the register. I felt like I was in that car commercial where boulders are falling onto the road, and animals are darting across the road, and kids with balls are running out into the road. And the whole time the poor driver has to dodge all these potentially disastrous events.

So I was dodging people and carts and shopping bags and kids and old ladies to get to the open register. People had double parked carriages at some of the registers and at one particularly narrow point, I had to steer around a second carriage. My carriage accidentally hit one of the tall signs that the store used to advertise something or other. The sign teetered and I reached out to right it. I apologized to the sign since I always say sorry when I hit something, even inanimate objects. I was so embarrassed after hitting the sign that I was in a rush to get away. I pushed forward and proceeded to bang into a carriage on the other side of the aisle. I apologized to the woman holding that cart and backed up to get away from her. I looked at my friend and we started laughing because I was literally a car wreck going down this aisle.

As we walked away from the crash scene, my friend heard someone say, "I hope I'm not parked next to HER!"

Me too, lady.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Race Against Time

Tiny mum bud getting ready to open.

Better hurry, little bud. The temps are dropping fast.

And things are going to change.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Speaking Icelandic

Flying the coop. Hitting the road. Getting out of Dodge. Making a run for it.

I don't blame them. It's starting to get dark around here and the cold should be setting in pretty soon. Snow should start flying any day now. We usually see flurries in October but this year was unusually warm so no white stuff appeared.


Speaking of snow, the Man and I started watching a series called "Trapped". It's set in Iceland, in a small fishing village in a fjord. It's a murder mystery about a torso found in the fjord by a local fisherman. No arms. No legs. No head.


At the same time, a ferry from Denmark has arrived at the port. The police chief has his hands full trying to solve this case with lots of foreigners around. It's early February, snow is swirling and blowing all around. Cars are fishtailing and flying off the roads. Avalanches. Mayhem everywhere. It's a lot to keep up with. And they are speaking Icelandic so there are subtitles but you get used to them fairly quick. When the Danes speak, they speak Danish and again, there are subtitles.

So we were watching an episode and the Icelandic and Danish is flying and I was reading subtitles and getting caught up in the whole story. After a little bit, I started hearing things in English and thought, "Wow, I must be getting pretty good at picking up these languages. They're starting to sound like English to me!" Engrossed, I kept watching, marveling at my ability to understand a foreign language.

Then the Man burst my linguistic bubble.

"Why are they speaking English?" he asked. I looked at him and then looked at the television, still not quite making the connection that they were actually speaking English. 

Finally it clicked in. They WERE speaking English. 


It took a little bit but we figured out that the Icelanders and the Danes were using English as a common language. Guess I'm not quite as smart as I thought I was.

It's a good series. Watch it if you get a chance.