Friday, August 26, 2016

Orange You Glad for Summer Drinks?

A rare spot of color amidst all the white. Found this on the way to the Viking Ship Museum on the Bygd√ły peninsula. We had to take a short ferry out to the peninsula and then walk for a bit to get to the museum. 
They estimate the ship was built about 890 A.D.

It's in remarkable for shape for something over a thousand years old.
Loved the shadows on the walls.


Our end of summer gathering was fairly well attended tonight at a co-worker's gorgeous, large, old Victorian home. Most of my co-workers were able to come and we ate pizza and cupcakes and tried orange creamsicle margaritas. While we quickly drank sipped our yummy drinks, we talked about all the things that happen in a small town. Laughed at some of the antics of the more colorful people in our lives. Toasted the end of a successful summer reading program at all levels, kids to adults. And sipped some more creamy, orange-y drink.

Those margaritas were delicious on a hot summer night.

And you thought all librarians did was shush people.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dem Bones

Had to squeeze in a visit to the whale bones since this was the last trip to the beach for all of us together. 

We've been visiting these bones for a long time. I think I have a photo of J and K standing under these whale bones from the time they were wee little ones.

This year we brought along a sombrero. K had it in the back of her trunk. Along with a couple pair of heels. She's a party to go, that one.


As soon as J saw that sombrero, I knew it was all over. 
They love pictures like this. You know, ones that show how much they all love each other?
I love E's face in these photos. She can't look crazy even when she tries.
That's more like it.

Cousin love.


Personal accomplishment this weekend...I finally read "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone" after all these years.

I've been getting a lot of grief this summer from my children and my nieces about being a librarian and not having read this book so I figured it was time to tackle it. I tried reading it when the book first came out and found it to be a simple children's story. It did not hold my interest.

I couldn't get into it. At all. 

I got halfway through and put it down, abandoning it. Fast forward many years later and I'm almost embarrassed that I haven't read it, it's that popular. So after much ballyhoo and trash talk, I picked it up this weekend and tried again.

This time around? I liked it. Go figure.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beach Redux

Another trip to the beach this weekend.

Glorious weather. Sunny days. Cool nights. We spent gobs of time sitting on the beach, soaking up some rays (with sunscreen carefully applied and reapplied), listening to squawking seagulls fight over food, and getting sprayed with sand as the people next to us shook out their towels upwind.

The Man was fast asleep when he got pelted with the sand. He yelped and the people doing the shaking stared in horror as they realized what they had done. They were so apologetic. And then the Man apologized because he might have scared a little kid or two when he yelped.

They packed up and left pretty quickly after that. So did the Man.
Sissy, her girls and I headed out a day before everyone else so we could have extra time at the beach. We spent some of that time visiting with my uncle, enjoying a few dinners with him, a couple bottles of wine, and half a dozen bags of flavored kettle corn.

Swapping stories. Making memories. Enjoying time spent with ones we love. And laughing. 

It's good for the soul.
After dinner Saturday night, we took a ride over to the public beach. The kids always like to go over, act silly, take pictures, look for seals and maybe a shark or two.

Typical Saturday night.
E is on the left. 

She can not jump. She tries and tries but she just can't get both feet off the ground. It became a personal challenge for her to try and do it.

I took a lot of photos trying to get one with all their legs kicked back.

Didn't happen. Better luck next time.
I love watching these girls spend time together. The older they get, the more precious time is becoming. Schedules and other things take over and these moments get fewer and fewer.

But just for this weekend? They got to spend time together and make some memories.

My heart is full.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Scandinavie: Oslo, Day One continued

Totally Totally enamored with all the knit goods.
Walking around Oslo, found a quiet road in front of the building where Parliament meets. The lion reminded me of the one in front of the New York Public Library.
More knits.
Wool felted slippers. They look so cozy and warm. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Scandinavia: Oslo, Day One

Got to travel with my girlies to Scandinavia - Norway and Sweden this time. We chose to visit three cities: Oslo, Bergen, and Stockholm.

We spent the first three nights in Oslo. The apartment we rented was beautiful and within walking distance of the city centre. Super convenient. And it had such a gorgeous view of Oslo's skyline. We enjoyed sitting outside on the patio at night to enjoy it.

There was a bit of time that first day to explore the local area while we waited for the others to arrive. Three of us live close to each other so we traveled together. The other two weren't coming in for a few hours so after the owner showed us around the apartment she graciously offered to drive us to the nearby market so we could pick up some groceries.

It was right around the corner. 

The three of us had fun walking around the store, examining different food products and checking out prices. We picked up crackers, sardines, cheese, some fruit and a few other finger foods so we had something for the other two to eat when they arrived.

We easily found our way home seeing as it was about 50 yards from the store. 
I love Scandinavian decor and style. 

Very clean and crisp and white. The little amount of color really stands out against all the white. We discovered they use so much white to help make up for the many hours of darkness in the winter. Every little bit of light helps..
We picked up a couple bottles of wine at the duty free shop at the airport when we landed. We had read that alcohol is a bit expensive and harder to find than in the U.S. The recommendation was to get some at the airport and carry it with you.

Okay. We can do that. 


We didn't have to carry it far. It was almost gone the first night.
This photo was taken about 10:00PM

Crazy light out.

The sky never really got dark. The sun must set just below the horizon so it only ever got dusky looking. And it was bright again by 3:00AM. I can't tell you how many mornings I woke up in a bit of a panic thinking I had overslept only to look at my watch and discover it was 3:00-3:30AM. It's a great feeling to be able to go back to sleep for that long.

The windows had darkening shades that we would pull down when we went to bed. The light didn't really bother me - I can sleep almost anywhere. But I appreciated them all the same.
This was taken about 11:30PM. I darkened the photo a bit to make the city lights pop out. It was a bit lighter at that time than this photo appears.

I loved all the light but I know the flip side happens in the winter and there's mega hours of darkness.


Life is full of trade-offs.

Monday, August 8, 2016

My Little Corner of Paris

Just a few vignettes from my back porch.

I found these wrapped flower bouquets at a local craft store and fell in love with them. I had the fruit basket at home and put together a darling little flower shop by the back door. I put a price tag on them just in case someone thinks they're free for the taking.

I'm not taking any chances. 7 euro per bouquet.
The Man made this for me several years ago. I just freshened it up with some new blooms. 

I cut them too short so they pop right out as soon as there's a good breeze. I've been chasing these flowers around all summer, finding them on the floor of the porch, in the flower beds, out in the middle of the yard, next to the stone wall.

These are some athletic flowers.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunny Rays, Beachy Days

Got a chance to spend some time at the beach with Sissy and the girls. We had some mighty fine weather - lots of sun, warm breezes, and the best waves we've ever seen. 

We spent so much time in the water, body surfing and jumping the waves and getting tumbled around, that the polish on my nails wore off. Sand is a terrific exfoliant and nail file. I'll have to go to the salon for another pedicure. Oh, what a bother. Ha.

K and I were body surfing one of the bigger waves and we got carried all the way in to where the wave was breaking in the surf. Both of us tried to stand up  and got immediately knocked down by the next wave. This happened about a half dozen times and it got harder and harder to stand up because we were laughing so hard. There was no undertow at all so we weren't in any danger but the Man told me later that he had watched us floundering around in the surf, ready to step in if we needed him.

My superhero.

I didn't ask him who he would rescue first. Not sure I want to hear that answer. Princess K ranks pretty high on his scale of favorite people in the world.
Cousin love.

It does my heart good to see them like this. Despite the age difference between them, they laugh together, tease each other, and still have fun when we gather. We spent a lot of time on the beach this trip. Sometimes the pesky little gnats get to us and chase us off but there was enough wind that they weren't a bother. 

Lots of people on the beach that night. We got to see a large herd of seals playing around in the water. The group kept getting larger and larger as more and more seals would come along.

Gulp. That means there are sharks around. Double gulp. 

No swimming at that beach for me.
Love the arm movement in these two photos, above and below.

K should have been an actress. She's very dramatic, that one.


That's an understatement.
Girly love. 

My heart is full.