Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunny Rays, Beachy Days

Got a chance to spend some time at the beach with Sissy and the girls. We had some mighty fine weather - lots of sun, warm breezes, and the best waves we've ever seen. 

We spent so much time in the water, body surfing and jumping the waves and getting tumbled around, that the polish on my nails wore off. Sand is a terrific exfoliant and nail file. I'll have to go to the salon for another pedicure. Oh, what a bother. Ha.

K and I were body surfing one of the bigger waves and we got carried all the way in to where the wave was breaking in the surf. Both of us tried to stand up  and got immediately knocked down by the next wave. This happened about a half dozen times and it got harder and harder to stand up because we were laughing so hard. There was no undertow at all so we weren't in any danger but the Man told me later that he had watched us floundering around in the surf, ready to step in if we needed him.

My superhero.

I didn't ask him who he would rescue first. Not sure I want to hear that answer. Princess K ranks pretty high on his scale of favorite people in the world.
Cousin love.

It does my heart good to see them like this. Despite the age difference between them, they laugh together, tease each other, and still have fun when we gather. We spent a lot of time on the beach this trip. Sometimes the pesky little gnats get to us and chase us off but there was enough wind that they weren't a bother. 

Lots of people on the beach that night. We got to see a large herd of seals playing around in the water. The group kept getting larger and larger as more and more seals would come along.

Gulp. That means there are sharks around. Double gulp. 

No swimming at that beach for me.
Love the arm movement in these two photos, above and below.

K should have been an actress. She's very dramatic, that one.


That's an understatement.
Girly love. 

My heart is full.


  1. You're back! :)

    'Sounds like a sweet time together. In my dreams, I have a house on the beach. Love, love, love. ♥

  2. Hi there, Val! J's been after me, again, to resume blogging. I'll keep trying! And you keep're doing great =)