Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beach Redux

Another trip to the beach this weekend.

Glorious weather. Sunny days. Cool nights. We spent gobs of time sitting on the beach, soaking up some rays (with sunscreen carefully applied and reapplied), listening to squawking seagulls fight over food, and getting sprayed with sand as the people next to us shook out their towels upwind.

The Man was fast asleep when he got pelted with the sand. He yelped and the people doing the shaking stared in horror as they realized what they had done. They were so apologetic. And then the Man apologized because he might have scared a little kid or two when he yelped.

They packed up and left pretty quickly after that. So did the Man.
Sissy, her girls and I headed out a day before everyone else so we could have extra time at the beach. We spent some of that time visiting with my uncle, enjoying a few dinners with him, a couple bottles of wine, and half a dozen bags of flavored kettle corn.

Swapping stories. Making memories. Enjoying time spent with ones we love. And laughing. 

It's good for the soul.
After dinner Saturday night, we took a ride over to the public beach. The kids always like to go over, act silly, take pictures, look for seals and maybe a shark or two.

Typical Saturday night.
E is on the left. 

She can not jump. She tries and tries but she just can't get both feet off the ground. It became a personal challenge for her to try and do it.

I took a lot of photos trying to get one with all their legs kicked back.

Didn't happen. Better luck next time.
I love watching these girls spend time together. The older they get, the more precious time is becoming. Schedules and other things take over and these moments get fewer and fewer.

But just for this weekend? They got to spend time together and make some memories.

My heart is full.

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