Wednesday, November 27, 2013

North, part 3

Final trip up north.

M and I had already been up twice and our men were feeling a bit left out. This time we brought them. Have to keep the men happy.
Getting some delicious breads at a local baking company. Housed in an old firehouse, the inside oozes character and charm. I wanted to buy one of everything they had.

But I showed restraint and only bought one loaf. And some granola. Which is gone, gone, gone.

Spent a chunk of time at a local brewery, sampling some beers and taking the tour.

Are you sensing a theme to my get-aways? 

Food and beer. The men were very happy.
Wandered through the woods, searching for a trail. We never did find it at that location. But we found some golden-y, warm sunshine peeping through the trees.
M and the Man were in charge of finding the trail.

They love maps and iPhones.
At the waterfall, the men got very close to the edge. M and I were nervous Nellies, shoo-ing them away. 

They paid no attention to us. They like living on the edge.

This is why women color their hair.

Monday, November 18, 2013

North, part two

Some photos from my second trip north with the Knitwits.

The Queen couldn't figure out how to use something on her phone. See the man on the right? He was walking the trail with a companion. Since they looked a bit younger than all of us, we decided to stop them and ask them for help.

They were good sports and helped us. Er, they helped the Queen. 

Some of us know how to use our phones.
And some of us don't.
Sissy and PKB having some fun.

I think PKB knows how to use the camera but I can't be sure.

Or, as PKB would say, I cahn't be sure. I simply cahn't.
I just love M in this photo. That pretty red sweater against the neutral grays behind her?

Simply perfect.

And she made that sweater. See? We really do knit. Even though our families don't think so.
Admiring PKB's fancy new hat.
She looks like someone famous.

Wandered around a small village on the shore, touches of fall here and there.
Pretty sidewalk views.
I love those star mirrors.

Hmm, I wonder if the Man could make those frames? I think they would look oh so pretty at Christmas, surrounded by greens and red ornaments. 

Don't you?
Eating the most delicious sandwich in the world.

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fried onions, cheese, and sriracha mayo. All smushed together and grilled in a wrap.

It was so good, we couldn't even use our words. All we could do was hum.
My favorite photo. 

Because they are some of my favorite people.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Snippets from my first trip up north about a month ago.

Hard to believe this is where all that lovely wool yarn comes from.

They were very curious.

Stopped in at one of my favorite bag designers, Rough and Tumble.
Lunch in a converted store front. Aren't those wooden boards gorgeous?
Not a friendly shoreline.

Rough, rugged, ready to rumble.
It must have been a love bug that chewed that leaf.
Stopped in at a local yarn shop to check out the goods.

Beautiful yarns.

Expensive yarns.

Stay in the store, I don't need you yarns.

Got to love the person who puts up the "Momma" lock.
Breathtakingly beautiful fall day spent at Sabbathday Lake.


As promised - a photo of the finished bag that stole so much of my time.

And oh so worth it.