Monday, November 4, 2013


Snippets from my first trip up north about a month ago.

Hard to believe this is where all that lovely wool yarn comes from.

They were very curious.

Stopped in at one of my favorite bag designers, Rough and Tumble.
Lunch in a converted store front. Aren't those wooden boards gorgeous?
Not a friendly shoreline.

Rough, rugged, ready to rumble.
It must have been a love bug that chewed that leaf.
Stopped in at a local yarn shop to check out the goods.

Beautiful yarns.

Expensive yarns.

Stay in the store, I don't need you yarns.

Got to love the person who puts up the "Momma" lock.
Breathtakingly beautiful fall day spent at Sabbathday Lake.


As promised - a photo of the finished bag that stole so much of my time.

And oh so worth it.


  1. Love… the bag! It stole your time but now it's a treasure forever! Beautiful…great work Cheryl! Wish I had such talent.

  2. I love the leaves on your bag. The textures on the project are wonderful, Cheryl.

    And those floor boards are my "dream floor" boards. ♥ I'd have all wooden floors, brick floors, and many scattered handmade braided, hooked, and rag rugs. Ah! Lovely.

    And the pumpkins against the cream color in the first photo: One of my favorite color combinations.

    I'm glad your fall's been (or at least sounds, but I hope has been) smoother than your summer. ♥

  3. Thanks, Val. Fall has been a bit smoother. Busy, but smoother.