Wednesday, November 27, 2013

North, part 3

Final trip up north.

M and I had already been up twice and our men were feeling a bit left out. This time we brought them. Have to keep the men happy.
Getting some delicious breads at a local baking company. Housed in an old firehouse, the inside oozes character and charm. I wanted to buy one of everything they had.

But I showed restraint and only bought one loaf. And some granola. Which is gone, gone, gone.

Spent a chunk of time at a local brewery, sampling some beers and taking the tour.

Are you sensing a theme to my get-aways? 

Food and beer. The men were very happy.
Wandered through the woods, searching for a trail. We never did find it at that location. But we found some golden-y, warm sunshine peeping through the trees.
M and the Man were in charge of finding the trail.

They love maps and iPhones.
At the waterfall, the men got very close to the edge. M and I were nervous Nellies, shoo-ing them away. 

They paid no attention to us. They like living on the edge.

This is why women color their hair.

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