Monday, November 18, 2013

North, part two

Some photos from my second trip north with the Knitwits.

The Queen couldn't figure out how to use something on her phone. See the man on the right? He was walking the trail with a companion. Since they looked a bit younger than all of us, we decided to stop them and ask them for help.

They were good sports and helped us. Er, they helped the Queen. 

Some of us know how to use our phones.
And some of us don't.
Sissy and PKB having some fun.

I think PKB knows how to use the camera but I can't be sure.

Or, as PKB would say, I cahn't be sure. I simply cahn't.
I just love M in this photo. That pretty red sweater against the neutral grays behind her?

Simply perfect.

And she made that sweater. See? We really do knit. Even though our families don't think so.
Admiring PKB's fancy new hat.
She looks like someone famous.

Wandered around a small village on the shore, touches of fall here and there.
Pretty sidewalk views.
I love those star mirrors.

Hmm, I wonder if the Man could make those frames? I think they would look oh so pretty at Christmas, surrounded by greens and red ornaments. 

Don't you?
Eating the most delicious sandwich in the world.

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fried onions, cheese, and sriracha mayo. All smushed together and grilled in a wrap.

It was so good, we couldn't even use our words. All we could do was hum.
My favorite photo. 

Because they are some of my favorite people.

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