Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ten years ago, almost eleven, my mother in law made baby quilts for my soon to be born twin nieces. She made quilts for all the babies who came into her life and had made them for J and K many years before my nieces arrived. 

Both my kids loved their "blankie" and dragged them around everywhere. Blankie covered them during nap time, keeping them warm and snuggled in soft surroundings. Blankie got scrunched up and used as a pillow while driving in the car. Blankie became a superhero cape and got wrapped around their shoulders during play time. And sometimes Blankie got used as a bullfighter's cape and the kids would race at it and go flying onto the sofa or the bed.
Blankie became a best friend, a comforter, a snuggle, and a hug, all wrapped up in one small pile of fabric.

So you can imagine the distress that would come about when Blankie was taken away for a washing or a mending. Or when Blankie accidentally got left behind at Auntie B's house and had to be sent home via priority mail.

Great distress. Lost buddies always cause great distress.
J and K kept their blankies with them for a



I never fretted about them hanging onto their childhood friend. I thought it was kind of sweet.

And honestly? I have a favorite blanket too.

So I could hardly fault them for wanting to keep their favorite blankie.
Just like my own kids, my nieces have become quite attached to their own blankies.

My mother in law and I have been mending my nieces blankies for a lot of years now. But they are finally at the point where they can not be mended any more. The fabric is just too thin and threadbare. Patchwork squares are missing. The dog chewed one of them, leaving shredded holes behind. There is lots of stitching criss-crossing the blankies, trying to hold them together.

It was time to make new ones. 

So K, my nieces, and I made quilts this weekend. We kept to a simple design, a basic strip quilt, and they handled it like pros.
The old and the new.
Trying out the new blankies.

They are not quite as comfortable as the old ones but a little time will take care of that.


E took to the new blankie like a fish to water. She was cuddled up with it, firmly tucked underneath her, when I said goodnight.

D had some struggles. She's not ready to give up old blankie. I think she views new blankie as the interloper. When I went in to say goodnight to her, she had new blankie folded up nice and neat on a table. Nowhere near her.


Poor new blankie. I hope she gives it a chance.
J went ice fishing and caught a couple while we were busy quilting.

He and E worked the fish fry line later that evening cooking up some delicious fresh fried fish for us.

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  1. How sweet. I wonder if they'd like to have their old blankies in shadowboxes or something like that? They're still too pretty to be packed away.