Monday, August 4, 2014

Color My World

I learned a new craft a few weeks ago and I've been a wee bit busy.

Beaded clay pens.

The color combinations are endless. K and I have had so much fun trying different color recipes and bead mixes. Blending and bending. Twisting and twirling. Rocking and rolling.

There's something peaceful about playing with clay. We sat for hours, chatting and designing, watching the patterns emerge as we rolled and twisted the clay. Assigning names to the different patterns.

The mermaid pen.

The Starry Night pen.

The Mardi Gras pen.

Each pen took on a personality of its own. It will be hard to give them away, I think. They are our creations after all, our tiny little colorful creations.
We had dinner with L's parents this weekend. First time the families have gotten together. They have a perfectly lovely home on a lake in the deep dark woods, surrounded by lots of family. An idyllic spot, easy to relax in and feel at home.

We enjoyed homemade salsa that D, L's mom, had made beforehand and hot cheesy queso that L and J made once we got there. It was fun watching them cook together, preparing something for their parents to eat. D and I hovered over them, flittering around just like the hummingbirds that were visiting on the porch outside. The kids were very gracious and took our advice with smiles.

Good kids, these ones are.

Dinner was pure comfort food. Chicken divan. Creamy rice. Homemade bread. L's mom said it would be the best bread we've ever had and she was right. Followed by a cup of hot coffee, oh-so-welcome on the chilly night, and homemade coconut cheesecake with fresh raspberries for dessert.

Truly, a perfect night spent with wonderful company.
I brought D one of these pens.

And you know what? It wasn't as hard to part with one as I thought. D seemed to love it and looked at it carefully, complimenting the colors.

I may have to give more of these away if they make people as happy as the one I gave D made her.
K and I have grand plans to make more of these so I think I'll work on a tutorial.

Then you can spread some colorful joy too.

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  1. They look quite interesting close up. (hint)