Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Colored Focus

Winter sunsets are beautiful.
End of winter sunsets are even more beautiful, don't you think?

The sky is still crisp and the colors still vibrant. 


I love silhouettes. They help me see the forest for the trees. I can focus on something that I might have passed over - shapes, contours, framing. 

The details.

Silhouettes are all about details.
So K and I have been hooked on watching old episodes of the X-Files. Good golly, there's a lot of episodes. Most of them are manageable, i.e. we don't get too scared. But recently we've run into a couple episodes that are super scary. And freaky.

We watched one of those last night. We kept looking at each other, staring in disbelief at how naive some of the characters are. 

Don't they know NOT to go into 600 acres of woods when the sun is going down?!

Don't they know not to attempt to break into a house when they know there are three crazy people living in the house?!

Don't they know not to go down a deserted alley in the middle of the night, having chased something into it?!

Don't they know that normal people don't have glowing red eyes?!

We got so freaked out we started getting jumpy at every little sound the house made. We got so jumpy that we decided we had watched enough and needed to go to bed.


That means we have to turn the lights out. We kept a close eye on each other and ran around the house together, locking doors and shutting off lights. 


We can't watch these scary ones unless the Man is awake with us. We are not tough stuff. We are fluff stuff.

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