Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Nan carries this picture around with her in her wallet. 

We didn't even know it existed.

I love it. A perfect family photo. Everyone's smiling and looking at the camera.

My dad is on the far left, the guy in the groovy Indian chief sweater. Next to him is Gramps, holding Aunt N. Nan is sitting next to Gramps, holding Uncle J, and Uncle T is the fashionable little guy in the snowflake sweater. Uncle T is the guy who owns the beach house we get to visit each summer.

Me and Uncle T.

I can see that cute little guy in him.

I wonder if he still has that snowflake sweater?


I ordered photo cards this year for Christmas. That's a huge deal for me.

I always include a photo of J and K in our Christmas cards, so it's not the photo that's huge. 

It's the format.

I've been pooh-poohing photo cards for the past few years, thinking it was the easy way out of sending Christmas greetings. 

Because some people only send the photo card. No note, no handwritten greeting, not even a signature. Just a typed "Merry Christmas from the Can't-Be-Bothered-to-Write-Cards Family"

But I saw this great idea on Pinterest and immediately Changed. My. Ways.

All I want for Christmas are photo cards.


I still think they are the easy way out but I'm going to write a little note on the back of my photo cards. So if you send me a photo card, please sign it.

I like the handwritten touch.

But finding this photo of my dad and his family from a Christmas long ago made me realize just how important those photo cards will be years from now.

Thanks, Nan.


  1. I love photo cards. I was going to send out regular cards this year but think I'm going to make photo collage-type cards online of a wedding photo or two and one of the cat. Wedding Year if no other year, we really should do a photo card, methinks. :)

    And yes, what a treasure of a family photo your Nan's is! :)

    And how nice to put a face to your name. :)

    Aaaaaaaaand I know I owe you the mushroom stuffing recipe. I will share it this weekend. 'Am on a little vacation from work and am trying to get so! much! done! :)

  2. @Val - vacations are absolute necessities and should be enjoyed completely far away from electronics! don't fuss about the recipe....when you get a chance post it, and if it's not until next Thanksgiving, well, that's okay, too! hope you get everything done you need to....happy, happy Christmas to you and your family =]

  3. You and your uncle. Now, there's a couple of Italian faces if ever I saw one. hee hee

  4. What a great idea!

    (That old photo - what a treasure!)

    Merry Christmas!


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  6. I loved that idea when I saw it, Sweet Annabelle! And I have quite a little collection so far =] Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well! And thanks for stopping by