Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Santa, or how to be a kid again

I found some red ceramic berry baskets last winter and fell in love with their bright and cheer-y red color. You can find white baskets at Sur La Table, where I found the red ones.

I filled this basket with soda cracker candy and brought it to a friend.

Soda cracker candy. Oh me, oh my. Finger lickin' candy perfection.

I call it soda cracker candy and not saltine toffee candy. The friend who gave me the recipe was from Australia and that's what she always called it. And her recipe doesn't call for you to spread the chocolate bits after letting them sit for five minutes.

She just sprinkled them over the toffee layer, along with the nuts, and let them cool. Much easier than spreading chocolate.
I found this idea on Pinterest. 

I have everything I need. 

Except time.

Maybe this weekend.
Pretty little girl angel.

My {very} adorable Secret Santa gift from knitting last week.

She has six sisters waiting in their package to come out and perch in my tree.

Her sweet little face makes me smile every time I walk by and see her sitting there, getting ready to burst into song.

Thank you, Secret Santa. 

I love them so.
The Queen had a new elf hat waiting for her when she got to knitting tonight. 

How do you think she really felt about this hat? She's not expressive at all, is she?

She was such a good sport and wore it the entire time she handed out presents to everyone. 

Secret Santa is so. much. fun.

Makes you feel like a kid again, waiting while everyone takes a turn opening their gift. Wondering what your gift will be. Turning it around and around. Shaking it.

But not too hard.

Something could break.
PKB and MG having fun with their....their.....their.....mitts?

PKB is knitting those red mittens for her daughter. They have pointy heads and look a little bit like the coneheads from Saturday Night Live, oh-so-very many years ago. But, shhhhh! I'm not telling her that.

MG got a wonderful silicon pot holder mitt from her Secret Santa.

Big Blue and Red seem to get along very well. They were having quite a conversation together for a while. 

Until the next person wanted to open their gift.

I can't wait for next week.

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  1. those ceramic berry baskets are so adorable! i have never visited the sur la table site, but now its bookmarked!!