Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snuggling in for a long winter's night....

I love coming home. From anywhere. My back porch greets me every day when I finally get home for the night. It never looks the same. I change things around.

A lot.

Depending on the season.

Right now, it's all silver and white and glittery. Like ice.
I pick things up here and there, mixing and matching through the years until I find a combination I like.

And I like this one.

It's got glitter. 

I think this is the year of glitter. As well as the year of organization.


I should probably organize my glitter.

I got this star a few years ago and it was bright and shiny and sparkly.

Now? Not so bright. But still shiny and sparkly. I can't bear to throw it out. So it sits on my back porch. 

No longer an inside item. 

Poor little sparkly star who lost its brightness.

You still make me happy. Outside on the porch.
Newest member to the glitter and sparkle club. Miss Shiny Star hangs on the porch wall, catching glints of sunlight from the morning sun. I always turn around to look at her when I leave for the day. 

So pretty.

After Christmas sale. Dirt cheap. Best kind of bargain there is.
What's going on inside the house?

Just the best bargain I have ever found at a thrift store. 

Sissy and I were out today, poking around in a few stores, and as soon as I saw this blanket, I knew it had to come home with me.

I love granny square afghans.

I will probably never make a granny square afghan. Too much work.

Nana made a granny square afghan. 


Too much work. She said she'd never make one again.

I guess I'm not getting one out of her. Not that I run a granny sweat shop or anything. 

So when I saw this blanket, I said, "Oh my, yes, you have a new home. Come with me, granny square afghan."

The price? 




When I think about all the hours the person who crocheted this afghan put into it, I feel sad that it wound up in a thrift store, selling for $4.99.

So a message to the person-who-crocheted-my-new-afghan: You can rest easy. Your lovely afghan has found a new home, one that's filled with love for it.

It will be used.

Thank you for making my blanket.


  1. That is gorgeous--and looks much like one I have over the back of my wing chair here. I guess it could be argued that most black granny square afghans look alike, though. :) That is a steal, yes, and it's always nice to know you've given something like that a good new home. I feel like that when I see old family photos--and even photo albums, entire albums?!--at flea markets, but I never buy them. I don't want them, but I also figure if I buy them, the actual family members have NO chance of ever finding/buying them. That drives me crazy, though.

    Happy new year to you! It certainly looks clean, colorful, and cozy so far. :) I need to get caught up. Thus far, 2012 has been work and sleep. The holidays were great but really did a number on the level of organization I felt with things: Just when I'd gotten the new apartment into pretty good shape, it was time to move everything around to make room for trees and holiday decorations, and now everything is starting to feel chaotic again. I can't stand clutter. I have tomorrow and Friday off and am planning to get a lot done here. Multiple trash bags and trips to Goodwill will be involved. :)

    Enjoy your cozy home! :)



  2. I meant *your* new year looks clean, colorful, and cozy. Not mine yet. Clearly. :)

  3. I would also feel pretty welcome arriving to that porch! I love what you said about changing things around with the seasons - I like to live my life as seasonally as I can - and I'm looking forward to seeing your porch evolve as Spring sets in (can you believe I'm seeing blossom here in London already?!).

    Oh, and what a find with that afghan! Have you considered making one giant granny square throw? No fiddly squares to sew up, minimal tails to weave in... I made one using a pretty chunky yarn so it was super fast and it turned out beautifully!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I crocheted what was supposed to be one big square of an afghan, but it didn't turn out quite as square as it should have! Oh, well. That afghan was a steal - do you think it's wool? Something about the black backgrounds of those makes them all look nice, whatever colors are in them.

    Your porch looks very inviting - I especially like your framed snowflakes. But don't try organizing your glitter. Please.

  5. @Val - yes, holidays have a way of throwing organization right out the window! piles of stuff are placed everywhere and it feels like an avalanche after the holidays....slowly, slowly I'm climbing out from under all the stuff. Hope you get much accomplished over the next few days. It will feel GREAT when it's done =] Happy new year to you!

    @Elisalex - I've never thought of trying one giant granny throw. But I am now ;-) And I love, love, love the chunky yarn idea!

    @Lisa- It doesn't feel like wool, but it sure is a heavy blanket. I was toasty warm last night underneath it. P.S. G had more glitter on her face today at lunch! It's everywhere!!!!