Tuesday, April 23, 2013

iPhone Randomness

Not the best photo of Baby Bear, as I have been calling her lately.

She giggles every time I call her by that name.

I forget how it started. I think I referred to myself as Mama Bear one day and she became Baby Bear by default. Probably because she growls at me in the morning when I go in to her room and wish her a good day.

Not the best background. And George is out of focus. But I like her eyes. And I like her Mona Lisa smile.
I had to get some photos off my iPhone this weekend. 

Jiminy Cricket, I had almost a thousand photos on the thing.

Top left is a page of problems from a calculus class Baby Bear had this semester. Blech. That is not math. That is some sort of alternate language.There are too many letters and not enough numbers.

Bottom left is a day spent at the local art museum. Baby Bear and I love art. The Man loves art. So we go look at it when we can.

Top right is the Man using his iPhone to read a menu. He forgot his cheaters. And yup, there's an app for that.

Middle right is a cool bookmark in the lost and found at the library. Made from two pieces of material with a layer of interfacing sandwiched between them. Lots of decorative stitches in different colors hold the layers together. 

Bottom right? My favorite expression in the whole world, "Good golly, Miss Molly!"

Source: lefunny.net via Molly on Pinterest

A couple math funnies for you.


  1. Baby Bear has the most beautiful skin...and she's gorgeous!
    Beautiful photo of her. M.