Thursday, April 4, 2013

Snippets of this and that and the other

So K is teaching me something.

She got to take an art class last semester and learned a {very} creative art form using old photos, magazines, books, and other printed material.

Layer, layer, layer.


I got some wooden "IN" trays free at a tag sale my friend, D, and I went to a couple weeks ago. K and I are using these as a base for our project.

She cut out a picture of George Washington to use on her tray. I love his silhouette. You can tell it is George simply by his stance. We decided to keep him and use him to photobomb, kind of like Waldo.
My starting layer.

Love the color. Love this art form. Love spending time with K, having her teach me something.
Decorated some Easter eggs with Sissy and the girls. J colored with us this year. 

Very creative is my son, says Yoda Momma.
Darling M gave me these oh-so-pretty mercury glass eggs.

Lying on the carriage of this old typewriter, they are simply darling. Just like M.
J was so sweet to sit for me one afternoon. Granted, it only lasted about ten minutes. But that was enough time to get off a few good shots of him.
I simply can't believe he is graduating from college next month.

I just put him on the school bus yesterday.
You are a fine man, J. 

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