Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Not So Shy Hermit Crab, or how to make an eleven year old scream

I'm trying a new way to blog  - from an iPad. Not sure how it's going to translate onto the big screen. These photos look a bit puny to me.

To make up for that, I threw them through my favorite app right now - Waterlogue. I pronounce it "water log" but a friend who speaks mulitiple languages says, "water lowj". I'm sure she's correct. 

I still call it water log.

I love monotones with just a few specks of color.


My niece D and I were playing in the water this afternoon and she found a hermit crab. Teeny tiny little white crab in a snail shell. When you pick them up out of the water, they pull back into their shells and hide. If you hold them in your hand long enough they'll start to come out of their shell and creep along on your hand.

D had plucked one out of the water and had it in her hand, trying to wait patiently for it to come out of its shell.

"Look, Auntie! Isn't it so cute?" she gushed.

"Does it bite?" I asked her.

"Oh no," she replied, as the crab reared back and bit her on the finger.

That was the scream heard round the world. Or at least along the beach.

Good times.


  1. I always thought they were cute - had no idea they would bite!!

  2. Ha! My parents still love telling the story of how I got stung after trying to pock a bumblebee off of a flower when I was four. I remember the incident, and I remember how SHOCKED I was that this cute fuzzy stuffed animal-looking thing "BIT" me!

  3. It's a cruel world, Val, the day you find those things out!