Monday, October 19, 2015

Double Weekends

Ever have one of those weekends when you need a weekend after the weekend just to get some rest?

That's how this one was. The Man and I took my dad to see Tom Hanks in "Bridge of Spies" on Friday night. Excellent movie. Engrossing. Highly recommend.

K and I got up at o'dark thirty on Saturday morning to head to Beantown with both of my sissies and all the nieces/cousins. Long, fun day filled with some delicious Italian food, pastries, and lots of coffee. And shopping. Of course there was shopping involved.

Sunday morning was spent in church. Came home and took a {very} short nap and then sissy and her family came over, as well as my dad, Nana, and Uncle T. The last three are heading south in a few days so it was time to say goodbye for the long, cold winter. We had dinner together, talked a bit, laughed a bit. Nana tried to help E learn pig latin. E is obsessed with learning this secret language and spent most of Saturday quizzing me when she got a chance.

Does anyone outside my family speak pig latin?

J, K, and I ended the weekend watching Sunday Night Football. It was a long game. A very long game. Highly enjoyable. Great win for the Patriots.

You know what? I'm tired just typing all this activity. Seriously, I need another weekend.
A few scenes from a local farm.

Sissy and I took the girls to walk in a corn maze last week. It was a little bit scary. I don't like big tall things hovering over me. Especially corn.

Remember the movie Signs? Stay out of the corn.

The girls got us out safe and sound and Sissy and I sat at a picnic table while they went back in. I was very happy to be sitting outside in the warm sun, looking at all the beautiful color, and NOT surrounded by corn.

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