Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow Day Musings

A few scenes from the storm last week. 

Heavy, wet snow. J, K, and I cleared the driveway before the Man got home from work. He was a happy fellow. We were a tired family.


The snow fell all day long, slowing down about two in the afternoon. 

"Let's go clear the driveway, guys!" I said, looking out the window and seeing only a few flakes fall helter skelter to the ground. "This is going to take a while since it's going to be heavy."

"No, it's not," said J and K in unison. "It's light and fluffy. It won't take long to shovel. We'll go out later," they said, not even looking up from their electronic devices.

"No. It's going to be heavy. Look at the temperature. It's fairly warm so there's a lot of moisture in the air which means heavy, wet snow. Out, now!" I may have said a bit firmly.

Grumbling, they got ready to go outside. I got out there first and started shoveling. Heavy, wet snow. Just as I had suspected. J got the snowblower going. But not before he broke the pull cord. Gulp. Don't let that snowblower stop running or we're shoveling the whole driveway by hand, J.

I know, he said. And he kept it going.

K finally came out and took her first shovelful. 

This is really heavy, she said, grimacing at me. I might have said, I told you so

When are they going to listen to their momma?

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