Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Blues

Normally this time of winter the doldrums have set in. 

But not this year.

Milder than usual temperatures, coupled with very little snow, has made for a doldrum-free winter. And since we're halfway through February, I'm feeling kind of perky. 


K and Sissy and I took a trip north this weekend to a {rather} large knitting shop. We wandered around with our project sheets for a couple hours, matching yarns and patterns and needle sizes and feels. It has to feel right or it won't get worn.

I came out with yarn for two projects, K gathered enough for three projects and Sissy found some yarn to start an outrageously colorful afghan. A very successful trip.

Right now, K is sitting on the couch working on a knitted skirt for herself and I'm working on a cabled and ribbed poncho for me. The guys are in bed and we're watching the "X-Files". We knit happily along until the scary parts and then we jump and lose some stitches. 

Gah. It's hard to multi-task.

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