Thursday, December 10, 2009

NYC with the Knitwits

I have the BEST knitting group ever. Ever. They are the funniest women I know - they make me laugh so hard it hurts. We meet every Wednesday night and knit, eat, talk, laugh, and sympathize when needed. We talk about our husbands, kids, co-workers, friends - anything and everything. But mostly, we laugh. And live in fear of the Queen. She's the leader of the pack and we all know it.

Twice a year, the Queen puts together a bus trip into NYC. We went on Sunday and had a blast. We rode to the top of the Empire State Building, whined a bit at how cold it was up there, got a cheap tour of what we were looking at by the Queen, and then came down so we could go eat. But first we went by Macy's and looked in their windows. That's me reflected in the window. It was filled with letters to Santa.

We ate really good pizza at John's Pizzeria, a deconsecrated church turned into pizza parlor. My fave was the bruschetta pizza and the margherita pizza. They were so good we almost cried. Of course, we had had a couple beers at that point and could have been emotional. Either way, it was good pizza. You should go get some. Now. If you live in NYC.

Tummies full, we wandered around Times Square, shopped for a while, then headed to Rockefeller Center and the tree. And Anthropologie. I like love Anthropologie. This was the mother ship of all Anthropologies. Way too much stuff to look at and not enough money to buy it all. But I brought home an ornament for one of my trees. I'm a happy girl.
By now, the beer we drank at lunch meant we had eight women needing to find a water closet (doesn't that sound much better than restroom or, uck, bathroom?) Naturally, we found a few more shops while looking for the water closet. It's amazing how long you can hold it if shopping is involved. We finished the day by browsing in a "going out of business" gift shop near St. Patrick's Cathedral. Funky stuff in there, like $32,000 paintings and porcelain tea sets for $9.99. Huh?
After spending a few quiet moments in St. Patrick's Cathedral, we headed for the bus. But first we stopped and got a hot pretzel. It's all about the food with the Knitwits.

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