Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Bag

These are my two favorite Christmas things right now - my Christmas bag and the Christmas nisse. I carry that bag EVERYWHERE. I love it. I found a bag like it in the December 2007 issue of Marie Claire Idees (the bag is pictured in the magazine above) and scoured the internet trying to find it. I was willing to purchase it at almost any price, that's how much I love this bag. Well, not really any price. I do have limits.

But I couldn't find it anywhere. Of course, the fact that the magazine is published in France made my search a wee bit difficult. I finally gave up and resigned myself to "I'll make it someday." Fast forward two years and I'm still thinking about that bag. Kind of like the Man talking about the fish that got away. This bag got away from me. Well, no sirree, I'm not letting that happen. I had to have this bag and decided to try and re-create it. And so I did. I. love. it.

So does my sissy. She keeps trying to steal it. I have to watch it when I 'm with her. I don't like the look in her eyes when she spies it. She's sneaky. She picks it up and pretends to admire it as she mutters things like, "This should really come home with me," and "You should give this to me." I'm onto her tricks. I'll just have to make her one of her own. I'll work on a tutorial as I
do it in case anyone is interested.


  1. by the way where is mine????

  2. Uh, yeah, about that....

    I'm working on it!