Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas picture : done

Whew. It only took about 90 shots to get this one. That's pretty quick for these two. There's usually some a lot of cajoling, begging, and then raised voices and threats of withholding Christmas presents before I get a smile out of them. But it's done and can be sent out with the Christmas cards. The cards that are not done yet. The cards I can't even find because I packed them away somewhere SAFE so I wouldn't forget where they are. They're probably playing hide and seek with me, laughing when I walk by.
I thought I was done Christmas shopping. I'm at a point right now where I don't have to buy a lot of presents. I only have to buy for three younger nieces. My teens wanted cash and the Man and I decided not to exchange this year since we buy what we need throughout the year anyway. Plus we went on a Mediterranean cruise in April that took all of our money. All. Of. Our. Money. But my son keeps saying things like, "Hey Mom, I found a pocket knife I'd really like. Can you get that for me?" and "What do you think about these jeans at J.Crew? I could use some new clothes," and "Can you and Dad get me the watch I've been wanting for Christmas?" So I do what any good mother does - I walk away and pretend I'm hard of hearing. I'm getting older, you know.

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