Friday, August 5, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Redux

I put the photo of the awful, dark, gloomy, stormy, and any other adjective I can think of to describe that sky, at the bottom of the blog board above.

Do you see how dark and gray that sky was? It was quite frightening, really. Storm clouds, winds strong enough to bend the pole at the top of the Prudential building, bolts of lightning flashing from the skies every few minutes - honestly, I wasn't sure we were going to make it out of the ballpark alive, never mind watch a baseball game.

Okay. There's a little drama in that last sentence. 

But it was very dark. And rainy. And windy. And full of lightning. 

I'm amazed they played ball that night. And won.

Go Sox!
We had some friends with us, T and T. 

Ha. I like the sound of that. 

T N T, dyn-o-mite. Where's that from? Anyone remember?

Er, off the track a wee bit there. 

Anyway, T (the wife) thought she was funny and kept doing the tomahawk chop since the Sox were playing the Cleveland Indians that night. Her husband told her to cease and desist. She was probably doing a rain dance.

He's a funny guy.
The rain finally went away after an hour and a half rain delay. 

It took a while to get going but what a game. 

My favorite pitcher - Josh Beckett - was pitching. Youk hit a home run. And Papelbon came out to close them down. 

So worth the wait.

I had more fun watching the crowd at times. We were surrounded by season ticket holders. You could tell because they were all talking to each other, high fiving, razzing people all night long. 

One of the woman stood up, tried to start a cheer of some sort and another guy took her down with, "Aw, sit down, Marie*, and shut up!" In the thickest Boston accent you can find.

They were teasing each other about the number of times some non-season ticket holders got up to get food, or use the rest room, or stretch their legs. Every time this couple got up, the guys sitting behind their fellow season ticket holders would lean forward and say something, or nudge them, or tell them to sit down, they were blocking the game. 

Just like the movie "Fever Pitch". I felt like I was living the movie. It was great.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent
Beside the win, the best part of the game?

Singing "Sweet Caroline" with the rest of Boston. 

Most fun I've had all summer.


  1. sounds like a blast! i am not a sports fan, but this makes me even want to go watch a game!

  2. I haven't been to Fenway in a couple of years, but you described it EXACTLY as I remember it. The best place EVER to watch a game, hands down.
    And how were the hot dogs??
    And "Dy-no-mite" was from a TV show..but I cannot pull the name from memory :) Jimmy somebody?

  3. Fenway Park should hire you - that last photo is esp. great!!

  4. Ah, Annie...good memory. You just jogged mine. It was from "Good Times" with JJ! Thanks!!!! And the Fenway frank was delicious. Lip smackin' delicious.

    @ Lisa - thank you. I would even commute to Boston to work for the Red Sox!

    @ Lindsay - yes, go to a game. it's way fun to people watch =]

  5. Awesome pictures! You completely captured the spirit of the game :)
    And I LOVE Fever Pitch!

  6. Thanks, Taylor! And "Fever Pitch" is one of my favorites....just watched it last night =]