Monday, September 26, 2011

A brief hiatus, or how I spent the month of September

I've been a mite bit busy for the past several weeks, in case you couldn't tell.

Which I'm sure you could from the lack of posting around here.

Oh golly, so sorry. I've been immersed in photography the past few weeks and have been busy, busy, busy editing and cropping, color popping and eye twinkling, making lots of people look their very bestest.

And, oh boy, they look pretty good. Lots of smiles and "Oh my, am I pretty or what?" No humbleness in these parts.

But they are young and have their whole lives ahead of them. So out comes the sass and the attitude and the looks and the funkyness and the quirks and the smiles, lots and lots of smiles. I'll show you some of what I've been doing another time. It's been a whole lot of fun.

And work. Whew, I'm tired.


I found some time to sneak off to an antique show with M and her sissy-in-law. I came home with a few treasures, including a beautiful little black faced clock. She looks oh-so-pretty sitting on the mantel next to a big pocket watch clock from PB.

I've just started a clock collection. I saw a {very cute} idea on Pinterest and need a few clocks. Which the Man was delighted to hear.

Ahem. Hey, Man, get off my blog. 

He doubts my need for a new collection of anything. Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait. You'll love the clock collection once you see my grand plan.

Did you see that beautiful case above? It's a trousseau case filled with all kinds of beauty necessities. And pictures of movie stars. I have no idea how old it is but it looked to be from the 1940s or 1950s. I didn't buy it, but, boy, did I sure want to.

Very elegant. And pink. Lots and lots of pink. Just right for a girly.
K marched her little feet off this month with color guard. J and I went to see her in the local parade. 

Of course, I went off in search of the ferris wheel.

I'm a bit obsessed with taking pictures of them. And playing with them. And making them VERY.DRAMATIC.

Love it.
One of the young ladies I shot with this past month. Captured this while I was waiting for her to put her shoes on. 

She loved this photo.

So do I.

I told him to just kick the ball around while I shot a few. He was more than happy to play. 

I love these pics that catch glimpses of everyday life. It's all about the stories.


  1. I didn't feel as guilty about not updating my blog since you hadn't now the pressure is ON!! :)
    I missed your blogging! But I knew you were probably doing something exciting instead..unlike me..hahaha.
    That picture of the Ferris!!!!! VERY dramatic and so COOL.

  2. i love the ferris wheel picture! Also the one of the shoe-putting-on. I want to see some samples of your recent shoots!

  3. OMG! I would pay big money to hang up that ferris wheel pic in my home, just awesome :)

    And the high heels pic is fabulous!

  4. Just came across your blog and it's just lovely! Looking forward to keeping up and getting stuck in to some of those recipes...!

  5. Why, thank you,'s good to be back! I miss blogging when other things have to take priority. Ah, well, it's all about juggling things, isn't it? That's what we women do best =]

    @Elisalex - so glad you found my blog. and i'm so glad you wrote a note =] enjoy those recipes....i know we do!

  6. That suitcase! Are you going to look into that - what were they for? It looks rather shallow for real packing of clothes or the packables.

  7. Amazing photos. Shoe pic my favorite. And, I missed your updates as I truly enjoy your blog. Marlyss

  8. Thank you, Marlyss. I'm so glad you enjoy the's nice to be back!