Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Wind blowing.

Tree branches falling.

Power outages.

Horrid weather around here, and nothing we could do about it. I dragged in everything that could be whisked away like Dorothy going to Oz, including the aloe plant M. gave me a few months ago.

Do you see this aloe plant? It now has 10 segments. And I think it started with four or five when M. gave it to me.

So I can grow something after all. *Note to all doubters.
We got some rain before the storm actually came through. I was outside walking around with my camera and saw the most perfectly clear reflection in a puddle.

I also found some downed branches in the driveway. Just lying there. I think they jumped off the tree before the storm came through and ripped them off. It's like they committed hari-kari.

Like we weren't going to have enough to pick up after the storm, we have to clean up before the storm.
After the storm? No power.

No lights. No TV. No computer. No phone.

No cooking. No water. No patience.

I am a terrible prairie woman. It's a good thing I didn't live a hundred years ago. I probably wouldn't have survived a day. 

I am spoiled by conveniences.

I need to toughen up. 


  1. I just heard to day that the President declared 5 of our counties - something like "severe" -disaster areas. I hope we don't get any more tropical storms!

  2. Yay! You're back! I'm sort of jealous of all your candle-filled nights :) That photo of the puddle is breathtaking!

  3. Thanks, Taylor! And I miss your blog...are you going to start up again now that you're back at school?

  4. You are not afraid of Tornados! That fact alone makes you a prarie woman!! Nice work on the aloe plant!!