Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

Well, I'm sure this is not a surprise to the people who know me, but I kind of lost control of the basil. I had been keeping up with it all summer, plucking flower buds every few days.

But, um, er, I got a bit busy and, er, totally forgot about the basil.

And this is what's happened.

Flowers. Everywhere. Is this bad? Can I still use it?

I think I bought too much basil. Don't get me wrong....we eat a LOT of basil. We love it so.

But I'm not sure I needed dozens of plants. Sissy tried to warn me not to buy too much.

Pshaw, said I. You can't have too much basil.

Well, actually, yes you can. And I do.

Now what?


The last of the Man's tomatoes. We have a few more green ones, so they'll be coming in over the next week or so. But that's about it.

Good-bye yummy, tasty, juicy, luscious, red ripe tomatoes.

Sniffle. Summer's over. Time for the mums to come out and show off.

Love that purple.
We moved into a new knitting shop tonight.  Miss P, owner extraordinaire, was oh-so-happy to move. Double the space and plenty of room to add an extra table.

For our snack.

We take turns bringing delizioso snacks each week. Tonight we had chicken/pesto/tomato/arugula sandwiches, green grapes, and apple cake with ice cream and caramel sauce, courtesy of M.

Over-the-top tasty.

Did I mention we're more of an eating group than a knitting group?

So we've been needing two tables. And now we have them. 

Happy knitters at the shop tonight.


  1. "So we've been needing two tables" made me laugh. :)

  2. So sounds like your "knitting" group is a lot like our "reading" group, if you get my inference.
    Where is Miss P's new store? Next to the old one?
    And no, you CAN'T have too much basil!! Just chop it up in your food processor, glop it into ice cube trays, cover with water, freeze, pop out into ziploc bags. Instant basil seasoning for all winter! (you can make pesto and do the same thing, but this is easier)

  3. Thank you, Annie! I'll have to do that with my basil =]

  4. too much basil?? blasphemy!! I wish i had that problem. mine did not grow well at all :(. I would do as my mom suggested, freeze pesto ice cubes and enjoy all winter!