Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Prom weekend.

Gorgeous sunny weather. Gorgeous sunny girl.

Hair appointment in the afternoon.

Tag sales in the morning with two good friends, M and D.

Dinner with M and the Hammer after the prom-goers left in their limousines.
K loved the superhero cape on her gown.

Actually, it was the gown's train.

But she liked it better as a superhero cape. She said, "Oh, something to play with!" when she tried it on.

I think it's why she chose this gown.
Her date, D. 

What a nice young man. We've known D and his family for a long time. A very long time.

Like before K and D were even born.

They are part of our church family. J went to a junior prom with one of D's older sisters. So we came full circle when D asked K to prom.
My favorite photo of the day.

K and her friend, H. They were so glad to see one another.

A fantastic smile. You can feel the happy coming out of her, can't you?
Grace Kelly gowns. 




Love, love, love this photo.

She takes my breath away.


  1. Oh, wow, how beautiful! I never went to Prom. This post actually makes it sound fun. :) And yes, that last photo is amazing, as is the hug shot. Wonderful!! :)

  2. Really great pictures. I love the picture of her & H hugging, so sweet. K's hair came out gorgeous and the dress is just so pretty! Maybe she can save it and one day D or E can wear it!?!?

  3. such a sweet post, Mrs. S. You never fail to bring a tear to my eye!

    K looks amazing.