Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Sissies had a surprise birthday party for Nan and I last weekend.

It was a complete surprise since it was ten days early. But it was a lovely surprise since extended family was there to help us celebrate.

My nieces made us a colorful banner filled with all the things they like doing with us, like playing cards and games, shopping, sewing, and lots of other fun things. They are so sweet.

Love those girls.

To pieces.

Other Sissy surprised me with copies of some old family photos she found at my dad's house. I burst into tears when I saw them, they were so sweet and so special.

One of them was a {rare} photo of my mom and I - riding a carousel together. My mom was behind the camera a lot so we don't have too many photos of her, especially with each of us alone. 

Just a few.

Not enough.


And then there was the photo above. Taken at another birthday celebration, ahem, quite a few years ago. I think I must have been about seven or eight when that was taken. 

I love that Nana is holding my hand.
We decided to recreate the photo. I think we've changed a bit.

But I still love that she's holding my hand.
Nan and I.

I came out from behind the camera for a rare appearance.

I don't like it. I'm much more comfortable behind the lens.


Thank you to my dearest sissies for all their hard work and planning. You completely surprised us!


  1. Love the photo recreation! how sweet to celebrate together and the banner is precious!!!

  2. How sweet is THIS! And that it was such a surprise! :) That's awesome of them. And what treasures of photos. ♥♥