Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tide To Go, How I Love Thee So

Sorry I left you hanging yesterday. It was late and I was tired but I still wanted to post something.

So here's the tale of my blueberry misadventure.


I had to be at work early yesterday to make up for some time that I missed earlier in the week. But I still wanted a most delicious breakfast of Blueberry Creme Brulee Oatmeal. This stuff is lip-smacking, bowl-licking good.

It doesn't take long to make but I was also short on time so I was rushing a wee bit. Maybe more than a wee bit. I put the oatmeal together and microwaved it - just fine. Took it out, mixed in the blueberries, sprinkled the sugar on it and plopped it into the oven - just fine.

Now I look at the clock. Realize I'm running late. Race into the bedroom to get dressed and leave the oatmeal broiling away in the oven. 

I think I'll wear my white Bermuda pants today. Let me get them in the pile of folded laundry on my dresser.

Hmmm. They're not there. 

They must be in one of the drawers. 

Nope. Not there.

Uh-oh. Where are they?

Fly around the room, throwing things right and left, tossing stuff in the air, looking for my shorts. Glance at the clock, remember the oatmeal in the oven, and grab the first thing I see in my closet.

My absolutely favorite red and white floral linen sleeveless summer dress.

And let me emphasize this is my FAVORITE dress.

I bet you can see where this going.


Put together somewhat, I race back to the kitchen, slipping into my flip-flops as I leave the bedroom. Open the oven door, all looks well, nothing burnt.

I pull the bowl out of the oven and put it on top of the stove. I grab the lid to the bowl behind me, because I am taking this to work with me, and put it on the bowl. I get a dish towel to wrap around the bowl, lay it out on the counter, and grab a potholder. That bowl is going to be very hot. It just came out from under the broiler.

And then I did the stupidest thing ever. 

I lifted the bowl by the lid and attempted to move it a foot onto the dishtowel.

That was when the bowl fell out of the lid and bounced onto the floor.

Hot, burning oatmeal and blueberries shot out of that bowl like a cannon. Immediately, my leg is burning and I look down and there is gloppy, sticky, broiled hot oatmeal clinging to the back of my calf.

Aaaaaargh!  Cold water immediately applied and my leg was wiped clean. Small red welts on the back of my leg. I looked over my dress on the side the oatmeal hit and it was clean. 


Then I just stood there, looking at the mess on the floor, the cabinets, the oven door, the rug, and the counter. That oatmeal went everywhere. I really wanted to cry because I honestly didn't know how to start cleaning up the mess. Finally, I grabbed a roll of paper towels, wet them with hot water and dish soap, and started scrubbing.

Blech. It looked like vomit. Double blech.

I was able to salvage about two thirds of the oatmeal because, somehow, the bowl landed right side up with some oatmeal and blueberries still in it. 

I packed it for work and left the house.


When I was sitting at my desk, my hand brushed against the bottom hem of my dress. And came away sticky.

Oh no. I know what that means.

Yup. Oatmeal and blueberries all over the bottom of my dress. On the opposite side of where the bowl hit. The bowl hit the floor on the left side of my body and the oatmeal and blueberries were on the right side. 


How did they get over there?

Thank goodness I had my trusty Tide-To-Go pen. I started blotting and swabbing at all the blue stains and hoped for the best.


By the end of the day, you would never know I had dropped blueberries on my dress. 

Tide-To-Go, how I love thee so.


  1. That sounds like an all-out war! Really! And sorry---I'm trying not to laugh...really!! Really--it's not funny...really..!!!! ;)

  2. @M - that's just what it looked like, an oatmeal war zone!