Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Bit O' The Green

I was at loose ends one afternoon this week so I wandered around the yard looking for green. You know, since it was coming up on St. Patrick's day and all.

Boy, did I find a lot of green.

Including some green glass that was just inches away from J's front tire.

I saved him from a whole packet of trouble, I tell you.
I am always amazed at the number of greens you find during spring. The spectrum runs all the way from light yellow greens to dark blue greens and everything in between.

I found lots of moss. And fungi. Lots of fungi. I found some tulips and some daffodils and some crocuses starting to come out. 

And paint.

I found some paint that must have been left over from a craft project. Paint that somehow wound up on the patio stones. I vaguely remember the Man being a mite bit unhappy about that. But I blocked it out.

Tra la la....I can't hear you.

See how easy it is to block things out?
Sissy and the girls came over for our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner. And they brought a friend with them who ate a little too much corned beef. I do not think she will be invited back next year. There are not a lot of leftovers.

And I am blaming the eight year old guest.

The Man's sissy, B, was here for a visit so she joined us for dinner. She came to take Mom away for a couple weeks. She promised to bring her back. We almost made her pinky swear.

The house is too quiet with Mom gone. And Jack misses her something fierce. He wanders around, circling by her room, lying down outside her door with a big sigh and a harrumph.


I made the Irish Chocolate Mint Squares again. 

Wow. Whee. Are they delicious.

If you'd like to try them, I've linked them under "Recipes".



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