Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crack! Smash! Kapow!

Once upon a time there was a Man and a blogger who had to get a new bed.

Their son, who shall remain nameless, thought it would be very fun to take a diving leap onto their bed to see how much he would bounce.


Not much bounce.

Uh-oh. Bed slat is broken. The Man has to fix it.

Unhappy Man. Kind of repentant son. Cranky blogger.


Now it came to pass that the mattress started to sag. Badly. And that is when they looked at the box spring and discovered it was BROKEN. As in, cracked-into-many-splintered-pieces broken. Up to that point, they thought the boy had only broken a bed slat.

Very unhappy Man. Son in total denial. Very cranky blogger.

Time to go buy a new mattress set. Might as well get a bed too.


So off they went to a very large store that stocks Scandinavian style furniture. A favorite of the blogger woman. The Man found a platform bed that he liked so they went off in search of all the boxes they would need to buy. 

Of course they were not where they should be. They were several bins away. Which made the Man a bit cranky. Blogger woman and their daughter had to come to the rescue and find all the boxes. While the Man got in line to pay for their purchase, the blogger decided to go to the food market and buy some yummy sparkling juice to take home.

She meandered around the market, picking up this and that, and before she knew it, she had more than half a dozen glass bottles in her arms. Seeing no one at the cash register in the market, she made her way to the food service line to pay for her purchases. Since it was near lunch time, the line was fairly long and she had to wait and wait and wait. By the time the blogger got to the register, there was a substantial line behind her. 

She was trying to be a good customer and nice co-shopper and bag her own purchases. So after the cashier rang up the two bottles of yummy sparkling juice, the blogger took them and put them in the recyclable bag she had. 

Not realizing that the edge of the bag was not supported by the very narrow counter. At all.


Two broken bottles on the floor. Yummy sparkling juice everywhere. Very apologetic blogger. And very nice cashier, who assured the blogger this happens all. the. time. 


Fast forward a few days and blogger is out with her sissy. Shopping in the local thrift shop.

Ooh. Look at the glass in the way back!

Arm reaches in, glass in front falls off shelf and....


Broken glass on floor. All eyes on blogger. Blogger apologizes to yet another cashier and wanders off. 

Time to go look at plastic things.

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