Friday, May 3, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Some bits and pieces of K's birthday from a little while ago. 

I did not take any of the usual photos you might see from a birthday party. No cheesy grins. No girl holding the birthday cake. No blowing out the candles.

I have lots of photos like that from lots of years of celebrating birthdays.

This year was about the bits and pieces.
Those are the parts that are missing from my memories.

The little pieces of everyday life. 

Glances down at a gift, or to the side at her father, or laughing at something funny he said.

Unwrapping a gift.

Trying on a new bracelet.


I do not remember all those little moments in time. When I think back on their childhood, it is a bunch of vague memories that pop into mind. Picking them up from school, planning birthday parties, vacations, sleepovers, art projects.

But not the sweet little things that are THEM. 

The way her nails always look so pretty and the way she smiles her sweet little smile when she sees something she likes. Holding the charm on a new bracelet. The way she holds a favorite new shoe.

J surprised her with a new bracelet.

He went to the mall with her, knowing he had to shop for a birthday gift. I had primed him with some ideas - this bracelet being one of them.  Only she wanted the "Beam Me Up" charm bracelet.

She is such a Trekkie. Just like the Man.

J called me from the mall. The jeweler did not have that charm in stock. What do I do, Mom?

Well, I suppose you should just bring her with you to the jeweler's and let her pick one out. That way she will get one she likes, I advised him.

He liked that idea.

Just some of the many services I provide - gift consultation and problem fixer. 


She picked a dove, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. 

Gosh, I love where her heart lives.

The Man and I got her a pair of shoes she had fallen in love with. Pretty rainbow sandals that are oh-so-very girly.

She tried them on in the store and swooned. Swooned, I tell you.

I sent her off to the full length mirror to see how they looked. She made it about a dozen steps before she stumbled. Arms twittering like a windmill, knees bending, she looked around to see if anyone was watching her. 

I was.

And I was trying not to laugh. But I lost that battle. 

After giving me the stink eye, she smirked and said, I'm gonna hurt myself in these things.

She's got confidence, that girl of mine. She was not giving up those shoes. I'll just have to practice walking in them, she said.

That's my girl.

She takes my breath away.

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  1. Oh yes! She sounds wonderful, Cheryl, every time you write about her.