Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Square Foot, or so

While reading a book on photography, I came across an idea I have been wanting to try for quite a while.

Sitting in one spot and shooting at least twenty images from that one spot.
I started out focusing low to the ground - where I found that teeny, tiny yellow guy in the first photo. He was so small. The blade of grass is a great reference point for size.

While I was shooting him, K photo bombed me. A rather fantastic shot of her eye, if I do say so myself.
After a dozen or shots, I changed my focus upwards. K was still in the area so I used her as a focal point.

She was helping the Man plant an apple tree. Using a shovel. Unbelievable. The Man came in the house, told me to get my camera, and get a shot of that. That is how I ended up outside in the first place.

But I digress.

The rest of the shots in the post are also focused upwards. It was kind of fun, and challenging, finding subjects for these shots. I learned some things. 

Look for shapes to repeat. In the photo below, the shape of the trees is similar to the shape of K's head. Same placement in the photo, along the bottom edge. Same proportion, just a bit of the top of each object.

Find an object that travels across the photo to imply movement. The branch in the next photo looks like it is weaving its way across the canvas of the shot. 

And in the last photo, I found a way to frame the subject. The trees form a triangular frame around the plane. A natural frame.

An interesting exercise.

The weather was picture perfect all weekend. Just delightful spring days - blue skies, light breezes, mild temperatures. 

Not too hot, not too cold - just right, says Goldilocks.


  1. It's been my understanding that one generally uses a shovel to plant a tree. It is pretty much the only way. Unless you bring in some big machinery.

  2. What was unbelievable was that K was using the shovel, not the Man. I can see the confusion caused by my wording!