Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of these things just does not belong

"One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..."

Thank you, Sesame Street, for providing me with the perfect words for today's blog posting.

Snow. Today. When we're almost into April. It does not belong here anymore.

Move along, time to go North for the summer. Way far up North. Like North Pole, North.


Tuesday was a long travel day and I was oh-so-very happy to plop into bed as soon as I got home in the wee dark hours of the night.

The Man barely grunted out a hi, honey, glad you're home because it was so late. Poor M had to work today. I don't know how she woke up this morning.

I heard J and K leaving for the day and tried to get up to say hi to them but nope, not happening. I was glued to that bed.

I remember during my college days when I used to stay up studying until three or four in the morning and get up at five-thirty to go to work for six a.m. How on earth did I manage that?


On a completely random note, M and I had a great meal at the Miami airport yesterday on our way home. We ate at La Carreta, a Cuban restaurant that had the most delicious food choices I've ever seen at an airport.

We shared a meal of some sort of beef stew and steamed potatoes, dirty rice, and candied plantains. And fried plantains with some sort of cilantro sauce on the side. We wanted to try plantains fixed in different ways. Because we didn't have enough to eat on vacation.

While we were waiting in line, M and I spied some key lime pie in the case and looked it over. We quickly decided not to have any more. Enough was enough. But while we were chatting about the key lime pie, a woman flight crew employee was standing behind us and overheard our conversation. She started telling us how good the key lime pie was. And the meat dishes. And the plantains. And just about everything on their menu. She always ate there whenever she was in Miami. 

So we followed her lead, ordered a couple of her suggestions, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. As we were eating, we noticed an extraordinary number of flight crew employees eating there. We decided that was a good sign. And from now on, we would look to see where the employees ate. Because they're in the know about these things.

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  1. Welcome back! Nobody at the library seemed to know when you'd be back to work.