Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love letters to spring

Please come soon, spring. I miss you. You were so much fun to hang out with last year. Bright, sunny skies and warm temperatures. No rain to speak of. You showed up early and stayed for a long time. A nice, long visit we had. 

You want to do it again this year?
I keep eyeing the flowers at the local supermarket. I just can't bring myself to buy some yet. There's still mounds of snow on the ground, for Pete's sake. 

I got my silk flowers out of storage and scattered them around the house. I feel a wee bit silly. Forsythia and Japanese cherry blossoms are not in bloom when there's feets of snow left on the landscape. 

But I don't care. I need some color and some flowers and some sign of spring or I'll go daft, I say. 

D-A-F-T. Daft.
I was so desperate for color that I started digging through my photos from last spring just to see something other than snow. And more snow.

I found this gorgeous flower that had broken off the stem. So out it came and I applied a few actions to it. I think I like the middle one best. All that lovely saturated color.

See, spring? We can have more fun together if you come back. I'll take lots of pictures of you and show them to my friends. I'll make you oh-so-pretty in Photoshop. And I promise to say lots of nice things about  you.

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  1. Amen to that, sistah. The older I get the more I hate hate hate cold weather and snow.