Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random pieces of the day

More altering tonight. Or as M's son calls it, "destroying books".

We prefer "altering", as in making something different. Definitely not destroying.

This was the page I was struggling with the last time I posted about this project. I wasn't sure where it was headed and thought it was looking a wee bit like a cross between French country and Las Vegas. Now I'm thinking it has a Persian feel to it. So I'm going with birds.

Free birds and caged birds.

I had a conversation with a friend during the week and we were talking about how it happens that your friends or family can see you in one way, and not in any other way, even though you may not be that person anymore. It's hard for people who are the closest to us to see us any differently than how they've ever seen us.

But we change over the years, don't we? As life hands us a new experience, it has to affect us some way. Why wouldn't we change from all those things? So why do the people closest to us not recognize this?

Or maybe they do and just choose to ignore it. Because sometimes change is scary.

So with these thoughts running through my mind, I'm thinking about how I sometimes feel free and sometimes feel caged in by the boundaries people have set for me. And that made me think of birds.

There's my thought process in a nutshell. I'm going with it and we'll have to wait and see how it all turns out on the "destroyed" page.
Lots of sun flare from the bright sunshiney sun today. 

Happy light.


  1. Your book is very beautiful, but I'm not sure I see a point to it. Still, I enjoy these updates.

  2. That's the beautiful thing about altering... A vehicle for expression...no matter what you are feeling.

  3. Love Random Thoughts posts....and very artistic portrait of what we call "The Cow Farm". :D