Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach musings

We escaped to the beach for a few days. 

I love the beach. I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the seagulls squawking as they fly by the house, and the cool sand and windy air.

I love sitting outside and watching the tide come in. Or go out. I'm not fussy, I'll watch either one.

I love watching surfers in the big waves. And the seals that swim alongside them.
Unplugged for a few days. I brought my laptop but only opened it for about ten minutes total. And since I don't have an iPhone, I was not in contact with anyone at all.

Other than the people right in front of me. I stayed in contact with them. As in, Who's going to the flea market? And Fritters are ready, come and get them!

You know what I discovered? Cyberworld got along without me just fine. And I got a lot of knitting done. And reading. 
Other Sissy and MR came up to visit and we celebrated our uncle's birthday with him. 

Which called for chocolate cake.

Got to have cake when you celebrate. Really, we should have cake every day. We should celebrate every day.

Every day is a gift.
Left behind.

Poor sad little sunglasses. With happy pink polka dots on them. I hope they find their owner.

Maybe my picture will help. Maybe the person who lost her sunglasses will read this and remember where she left them and go back for them.

I don't think so. But I can hope.
Our crew walking to the beach.

There were only a few people on the beach. Not too many and not too few. 

Just right, Goldilocks.

All in all, a nice weekend and a nice break from cyberworld.


  1. You missed the staff meeting - I wasn't allowed to! ha ha

  2. beautiful pictures! especially the one with the paper lanterns. and fritters, yum! what kind?

  3. plain old bread dough fritters, lyndsay! nothing like fried dough....

  4. that paper lantern party looks so adorable! with the twinkle lights?! gorgeous.

  5. i'd love to take credit for the paper lanterns but they're not mine. they were at a restaurant we were eating at! i just loved them so.