Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Linen Washcloth Curtains, or how I got over my commitment issue

We moved into our current home five years ago. It took me close to a year to find some sort of window coverings for our bedroom that I could live with.

I have commitment issues when it comes to decorating. I like to look at all my options and then pick the best one. Only I can never really look at all the options now, can I?

There's always something better to see. At least that's what goes through my mind every time I come close to committing to a purchase.

So I wind up paralyzed, unable to make a decision and we live with items that I've thrown up until the "right" thing comes along. Meanwhile, five years have gone by and I really don't like the window coverings in my bedroom.

Until now. 
I saw an idea on Pinterest for curtains and I knew right away that I had to make them for our bedroom. They were cafe curtains used on the bottom of a cabinet, instead of doors. Linen on the top and vintage handkerchiefs along the bottom, acting as a border.

So sweet. And light. And airy. 

Just what I wanted for the bedroom.

Only longer. Cafe curtains wouldn't cut it for the bedroom.
I found some cotton washcloths by Waverly (even though I think they look more like napkins, the packaging said washcloths) at a discount store and bought six bundles at $1.99 each. Added 6 yards of linen, used a 50% off coupon, and paid $18.00. 

Total cost?  $30.00 for four panels. 

Love them. 

Love. them.

Curtain commitment issue? Solved.


  1. Thank you, Lisa! I love, love, love the sweetness of them.

  2. oooooo. love. love. perfect for a bedroom. When I look at them it reminds me of an old farmhouse with a big porch, big iron bed with a quilt folded at the bottom, and the wind blowing these curtains gently into the room. Sigh.

  3. i love them! i picture the same thing as my mom! They will be perfect for a bedroom :)

  4. that's just the look i wanted, annie! you described it perfectly.

  5. I wonder who helped you find those very pretty washcloths/napkins.....