Thursday, June 30, 2011

Forever Friends

Meet C. One of my earliest BFFs.

She lives way far-away and we don't get to see each other as often as we would like. 

But she happened to be traveling through the area and stayed with us for a night on her journey back to way far-away land.

Best visit ever, we had. Er, that sounded like Yoda. What I meant to say is, we had the best visit EVER.  

The two of us have taken very different paths but find ourselves converging right now. Maybe it's our age and the stage of life we're in, or maybe we've finally figured out what's important in life, but whatever it is, we've found ourselves thinking the same thoughts, and feeling the same way about family and friends and connectedness.

We're determined to keep in touch much better than we've done in the past so we decided to share a blog together. She's new to this whole blogging thing so there's going to be a learning curve for her. But she's eager to start and I know she'll figure it out quickly. Once we get it up and running, I'll link to it.

I can't wait to do this. She's funny, and quick, and witty, and dry, and smart, and did I mention funny? She's da bomb, as my kids used to say. I think you'll like her as much the Man and I do. 

No pressure, C. But I have an audience waiting for you.
While she was here, the Man went out to pick some peas. Our first harvest of them.

We picked enough for everyone to have about 32 peas each.

Huh. It looked like more than that when C and the Man were shelling them. 

Sweet and tasty, tiny green morsels of goodness.

Eating them reminded me of a poem my father-in-law used to say,

I eat my peas with honey
I've done it all my life.
It makes them taste quite funny
But it keeps them on my knife.
I love basil. 

Really, really love basil.

And it loves me back.
I'm loving this photo of K right now. 

Sweet. Innocent. Summer.

I love how pictures telegraph emotion and feeling.

Although there's also something about it that says "country music album cover". I think it's having an identity crisis.
Tolerant patience.

That's what this one is called.

Just like her brother.

Oh boy.


  1. Oh, that pea poem - so cute! Nice photos, AS USUAL. :)

  2. Hi there, did you take that picture of the basil? Is there any chance you can get me a high resolution copy of it? I have a special "Basil Connection" with a friend and this is the absolute perfect present for her impending housewarming - to have that blown up and framed. I would be SO appreciative!