Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goldilocks, Mermaids and Pink Skies

The skies at the beach this weekend looked more like November skies.

Lots of dramatic color. And clouds.
And pink. Lots and lots of pink.

I could have shot all night long. But the bugs started to come out. 

The girls and I were good down by the water because we were playing next to the breaking waves. And bugs don't like the water.

The Man and J and K, and sissy and BIL, were getting eaten alive up on the sandy beach part. They don't like to play "chase the waves". They probably think they're too hip to play. But all the cool kids were playing the game.

Guess what that makes me? Yup, a really cool kid.
I always wonder what people are thinking when they stand at water's edge. 

Looking out on the very. big. ocean.

It makes you feel very small and insignificant.
Last of the beach pictures.

But we're not done with the beach yet. There's still time left in the summer and we're already planning our next trip back.

This time with P. 

J is much happier when P comes with us. Plus, she becomes his target. And he leaves the rest of us alone. So we're much happier when P comes with us, too.
M celebrated a birthday last week but I didn't see her until this week. I didn't know what to get her. I searched and searched and searched for the gift that was just right, as Goldilocks would say.

And couldn't find it.

Not in a catalog. Not on etsy. Not anywhere I was looking.

So I made her a simple tote bag with a mermaid's tail on it. Since she loves mermaids.

She liked the bag. 

And that made me smile. It was just right.


  1. Gorgeous and thoughtful....your talent and the heart you put into your actions is very humbling...thank you dear friend!

  2. Simple tote! Looks quite beautiful to me!

  3. i love the tote!! that's adorable! and the sky/beach pics are breathtaking...