Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stormy Weather

These steps have been taking us up and down to the beach for a very. long. time.

When I was a lot younger, I would semi-jog up the steps. Or at least, step lightly while going up.

Now, I go up a bunch of steps, pause and turn around, look out at the ocean and take a deep breath. Think bad thoughts about that extra fritter I had for breakfast. Decide I better eat a few more veggies and a few less cookies. Then I start climbing again.

Each year we return, we never know how many steps are going to be there. It depends on the winter. And how much sand blows in from the storms that hit. A tough winter means a lot of storms means the sand has usually washed out, exposing more steps.

Tough winter = tough summer of climbing.
Except sometimes.

Sometimes, the storms deposit sand on the beach, covering up some of the stairs. This makes for a shorter climb in the summer.

Tough winter = easy summer of climbing.
I've been thinking about this for a little while. 

And decided that it's a great metaphor for life.
Some storms that appear make decisions very difficult. So difficult you don't want to deal with them.  You push them under the rug. Hide them. Run away from them. 

Anything but deal with them.

Other storms strengthen us. Make us stronger, more focused, more determined. The path is clearer, the focus is sharper.

The decision is easy to make.
Either way, we're going to have storms to contend with.

Thank you, God, that I don't have to face them alone.


  1. love your metaphor and the first pic of the stairs is simply stunning. it needs to be framed in your house!

  2. Youe second photo is terrific!! I don't suppose my camera can do that :(

  3. Lisa, if you can manually focus, then yes. Your camera can do this.

  4. No, it always focuses by itself, I think.
    What if I macro'd a landscape? I could try something like that. I suppose.