Friday, July 1, 2011

Eight is Great

Spent the sweet summer evening over at Sissy's house. We had a birthday to celebrate.

My twin nieces turned eight. Oh me, oh my. 

It was just yesterday that they were born. How can they be eight already? Eight is half way to driving age. And dating age.

Uh-oh, Sissy's not going to like this. I better not tell her.
They took me outside and gave me a tour of their latest adventures. Like building a trap for the pesky little chipmunk that comes around, and inspecting the hydrangea tree to find the tree frog that lives there, and showing me their garden with the lettuce that the bunny rabbits are eating. 

A busy yard.

A yard full of memories for two little eight year old girls. Memories of hot summer nights, and lots of cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and grandpas, of sparklers and birthday cakes, of music and singing, of swimming and baseball. Childhood memories, good memories.
We had grilled pizza for an appetizer.

Check out the recipe here.

After having pizza made like this, there's really no reason to eat it any. other. way.

I'd love to know what she's thinking.

And why her sister is holding her head in her hands.

That is one prepared eight year old.

Think she's a girl scout?
She is fearless when it comes to sports. I think E hit two homerooms while I was shooting.
What a girly way to hold a bat.

She's such a girl.
No birthday party is complete without a show of some sort.

Sparklers, a wide open camera and some willing participants make for some pretty wild shots.

Like this one of D, stopping a bolt of fire heading her way.

She really is a Power Ranger.

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