Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nana Banana

We've had a rather busy week. As  you can tell from the lack of posting here.

Nan is turning 95 this September so we decided to celebrate her birthday last week at the family reunion. Almost everyone was able to come, even some cousins from Georgia. The Man was the only one who couldn't come.

I'll have to Photoshop him into the family photograph we took.

He's going to love that.

Honey, can you come outside and kneel down kind of in front of that flowering bush? No, tilt your shoulder to the left, not the right. Okay, life your head up just a little. There. Hold still. Oh no, you moved. Now we have to line it all up again. Stay still this time!
Nan got a bit overwhelmed by all the nice words, and all the love that was heading in her direction. We've never had a reunion where all her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids were able to be there. 

I love the expression on E's face, looking at Nan.
I love this woman so.darn.much.

She's one of the finest women I know, along with my MIL. And you already know how much I love her.

When we were kids, we would visit her and Gramps almost every weekend during good weather. On Friday nights, when she was working, my mom and sister and I would go and pick her up when she got out of the factory.

She had the coolest job ever.

On a production line, IN A COOKIE FACTORY!

{Think "I Love Lucy" in the episode with her and Ethel working a production line in a chocolate factory.}

She would bring home boxes and bags of cookies and crackers that were sold in the discard shop. We didn't care if they were broken. We loved them all.

How great is that to a kid? Your grandmother working in a cookie factory. It was the best job ever.
We had a great day, visiting and catching up with each other.

And that chocolate cake in the first picture?



  1. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration! I also love that picture with your niece's side-long glance! Happy Birthday to your Nana!

  2. Nana is SO cute!!! and 95, wow!

  3. Your Nan is Adorable, yes, with a Capital A. I love your stories of family life way back when. And I am sure Nan is full of memories of living an loving life these past 95 years.
    I like the picture of the mostly eaten cake. Perfect!!
    Where, oh where, did you get that cake? It looks sooooo good.

  4. Nana is beautiful! You are so fortunate to have her still in your life!

  5. This made me cry. 'Am emotional lately, but beyond that, this is just beautiful. I'd love to have another dinner with my grandparents. Beautiful photos.

  6. Val - I'm sorry you can't have dinner with your grandparents. I treasure the moments I have with my Nan. And I'm glad you stopped by!

  7. At least I have the memories, is the way I look at it. My husband's grandparents had all died before he was born, so he missed out on that entire experience. I can't imagine.

    And I'm loving your blog, yes. :)