Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Wedding Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman who was marrying a handsome young man. And their wedding happened on a most lovely night, by the side of a river, with lots of family and friends gathered around.

Love was in the air.

Even the chandeliers were full of love for this happy young couple, making hearts that smiled down on them from way up high under the grand tent top.
The bride's parents were so very happy for their lovely daughter. She was marrying a fine young man who adores her. 


I know this because I was watching him. Watching him look for her as the bridal procession was coming doing the aisle.

I always watch the groom. Everyone watches the bride. And really, why shouldn't they? Brides are just beautiful, and full of smiles, and radiate sheer joy.

But the groom? He always looks stunned. Stunned with disbelief that this beautiful girl walking toward him is his. And is his forever. 

Stunned. Overwhelmed. Pure emotion. The love is too strong to keep in. 

Then he smiles at her. It gets me every time.

Every single time.
The rose petals weren't about to let those grand chandeliers pass out all the love. Strewn onto the stone walkway to greet the bride and groom as they walked  passed, their pretty heart faces seemed to smile up at everyone.

Pretty hearts.
So many pictures.

This venue was absolutely gorgeous and you couldn't find a horrid background if you tried. Every time I turned around there was a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom to stand in front of and smile pretty for the paparazzi.
Momma bear came over to freshen up baby bear.

What a good momma bear she is.
We've been friends for a long time, T and I. Since before we were married and had our babies. We lost touch for a few years but as usually happens with the good people in your life, they come back and then they stick around.

Two of our closest, dearest friends and we are so very happy to share life with them.


They've had a tough year. T lost her mom a few months ago so I'm sure this celebration was bittersweet and full of old memories for them. Like their own wedding, oh-so-many years ago.

T's husband spoke of the passage of time in his toast to the young couple. He said that he couldn't believe how fast time has gone by. His daughter was just a small girl and he blinked and she's getting married.

He's right.

It goes so fast.
T's husband, also a T, holding his youngest daughter's bouquet. She was off helping her sissy, the bride, primp and fuss for some more pictures.

I think those are his colors, don't you?
The Man and I took a walk outside to see what it looked like from out there. 

Just beautiful.


These photos were all taken with a teeny tiny point-and-shoot Sony Cyber Shot. I didn't take my big fancy-schmancy camera with me.

And all the pictures of the bride were shot from inside the venue, standing behind one of those very big cathedral-like windows you see above. Shooting through glass, while eating some appetizers, and zoomed in as far as I could. 

Not too shabby for a small camera.

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