Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Moon and Pumpkins

This was the moon on Monday night. During the height of the hurricane that turned into a tropical storm. 

I went outside to check on the wind, never expecting to see clear skies and an almost full moon.


Since it's Halloween, we've decided to watch a rather frightening film....Apollo 18. The Man is a wee bit interested in anything to do with the space program so I brought it home from the library for him to see.

I didn't know it was a scary movie.

Gulp. I really don't like scary movies. 

They scare me.
My jack-o-lantern this year. 

Pitiful. No time to carve one. No kids around to help decorate one. 

C'est la vie.

Do you like the book it's sitting on? 

Very appropriate, non?


  1. Beautiful moon.

    I read the Hunger Games books over Christmas last year, so they forever remind me of Christmas and Night After Christmas 2011.

    'Glad you have electricity and had a smooth-enough time during the storm. ♥

  2. @Val - how did you guys make out during the storm?