Sunday, October 7, 2012

Traveling Thoughts

Twenty-three years ago the Man and I promised to be true to each other, to love one another through thick and thin, and to never forsake the other.

So far, so good.


We haven't been away together in over ten years. 


Sans children.

Now we are. And it's pretty darn wonderful.
J happened to be up north visiting his girly-friend P this past weekend. They met us in a nearby city for dinner.

It was nice to visit with them as an adult couple, over stout ale and warm comfort food - Irish nachos, sweet potato pub fries, and hot, cheesy, mashed potato loaded Shepherd's Pie.
It was a chilly and misty night. We wandered around for a short bit after dinner, just enough to build up an appetite for some hazelnut gelato.

Hazelnut gelato. Two of the nicest words in the English language.

And espresso. The Man and I had a cup of espresso to go with the gelato. We all laughed at the Man drinking his gelato. He really wanted coffee but the little old Italian man didn't understand what he wanted so he made the Man an espresso.


I love the colors reflecting off the pavement.
Nothing will warm the belly like a shot of whiskey.

Warm, caramel colors. 

Fall colors.


  1. Cool pictures, Cheryl. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Was he drinking his gelato, or did you have a sip o' that whiskey??!! Enjoy! What a happy post!!! m.

  3. @ M - just saw that typo! can you tell I had gelato on the brain?!

  4. @ Lisa - thank you for the kind wishes! we had a very happy anniversary indeed =)

  5. I love the pavement picture too. Happy anniversary! ♥♥