Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Carnivale and Sunsets

Sissy and I stopped in at a local home decor shop today and I found this magnificent mask on the clearance display.

Thank you very much. Time to go home with mama.

I fell in love with these multicolored, over the top colorfied masks when we were in Venice but didn't want to buy one. I was afraid it would get crushed before it got home. This little beauty was made in Venice, Italy. Clearly, it was meant for me.

And I know colorfied isn't a real word, but it sounds good. *Note to self: call Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

The two photos above are from Venice. Don't you just love the colors? They make me want to get dressed up in a fancy, full ball gown and go to a masquerade ball. We need more fancy parties in our time. Enough with the pizza and beer parties. I want to see some minueting and waltzing, people. And pretty masks, now that I own one.

Er, sorry, digressed a wee bit.

As far as the mask I brought home today, I saw a decorating idea for next Halloween using one of these masks. 

And won't it be perfect around Mardi Gras time?

Even the New Year's holiday. Really, the decorating possibilities are endless. And all for a clearance price.
The day ended with me chasing this sunset over the river and through the woods.... 
The sky was on fire tonight. God painted a spectacular vista and I marveled the whole time I was following it all over town.

Down the road, next to the farm. by the church, in the cemetery. 
It lasted as long as it was supposed to and I captured a good part of it.

Thank you, God. I really enjoyed Your work tonight. 
See those little tiny white dots at the bottom right part of the picture? Those are headlights. They make me feel very small when put into the context of this scene.

P.S. Can you tell that today was a lesson in how to photograph silhouettes? That's what I love about photography. I could learn something new every day for the rest of my life, and still not know everything there is to know about this hobby of mine.


  1. OMG...the colors of the sky are unbelievable! I have never seen anything quite like it in our little hometown :)

  2. I completely agree with forgoing the pizza and beer parties and opting for masquerade balls!!

    Love the comment about the headlights.