Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowy, Blowy, Wonderful Day

Snow, drizzle, slush, wind....what's a girl to do on a day like that?

Go on a photo shoot with some friends, that's what she's going to do.

One of the women I shoot with found an herb and flower farm for us to use yesterday. And she got a model too. 
The caretaker kindly let us wander around the greenhouse, moving furniture, climbing on top of things, trying to get different angles. His dogs were thrilled to have four women doting on them, petting and cooing at them. 

Beautiful Australian shepherds, well-behaved and sweet. Plus a cat, or two.
After warming up a bit, we headed out into the wintry day. Steel gray skies, bare branches, empty snow covered fields. Much too early for that kind of weather. With the wind blowing, and the drizzle tapping our faces, we shot outside for as long as we could stand it.  
Edward let us warm up in the house, where he had a deliciously warm fire roaring in the dining room. We waved hands and toes over the warm air, snapping photos when we could but mostly just wanting to warm up and chat with Edward. 
A photographer's dream, that's what this place was.

Hundreds of clay pots, abandoned bee hives, piles of sheep's wool, wooden potting tables, empty bird cages - so much visual candy it was impossible to stop shooting. 
Edward invited us back anytime. He said he would serve us tea next time. 

And we promised we'd bring him homemade cookies.

Peanut butter are his favorite. Because his mom used to make those for him when he was a small child.

So he'll get four different kinds of peanut butter cookies. 
And we'll get to check out all the barns.

And see the gray horse he rides. He promised we could use her in the shoot next time.
An absolutely perfectly delightful day.


  1. Cheryl,
    These pictures are just WOW!
    Amazing as usual, but every time I look at your photos, they look more and more professional. The picture of the model wearing the coat at the barn door could be in a clothing catalog :)

  2. Thanks, Annie. You've just inspired my next blog post! =]

  3. Cheryl~ You're work is truly growing and improving so fast!!! I truly enjoyed reading your blog tonight and your words and I'm so touched and glad I have you as a new friend. I need to write more on my blog...I like the layout of yours.

  4. Thank you, Catherine. I'm glad to have you as a new friend, too! I enjoy our shoots together and the laughter, always the laughter.

  5. Cheryl, these pictures are truly amazing. You are SO talented....WOW!

  6. Thank you, Mary. I love my hobby and I hope it shows!